Graduation Requirements

No Contracts:
There are no contracts. If you are unhappy with the training, you may transfer at any time. You will be required to pay for the hours completed. There is no penalty for leaving.
Graduation Requirements:

  1. Completed 1500 clock hours of training.*
  2. Achieve at least a 75% average on all final, written and practical testing.
  3. Comply with all financial obligations to the college.

Cosmotology students must complete 600 clock hours of training within 6 months.

Teachers must complete 600 clock hours of training.

Upon successful completion of the stated requirements, Missions Barber College will award a Graduation Diploma. The graduate will then become eligible for the Arkansas Board of Barbering Examination which consists of 100 question test, haircut, shave and facial.

We are very interested in the position our students secure after becoming licensed. The school maintains a current list of prospective employers. Although it is not guaranteed, the school will assist in arranging interviews and making contacts for possible employment. The job market is exceptionally good now and almost 100% of our students find work immediately.